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        ITS & Road Safety

        Highways Traffic Guidance System

        The variable message sign and lane control sign system is referred to VMS guidance control system, which is mainly composed of full matrix VMS and lane control sign (LCS), speed limit sign (VSLS), local controller, lane detector and communication connection system. The control software is composed of a collection of control software and so on. The detection system collects the traffic flow status of each lane and feedback to the control center in real time. With other detection devices, such as weather monitoring, the control center computer uses the control algorithm to instruct the VMS to display the guidance information and guide effectively vehicles to run in an orderly manner to avoid traffic congestion.

        Toll Management System

        LED signs are widely used in the toll booth and port of entry for providing information to manage traffic flow and help drivers pass smoothly. These electronic signs are specially designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of toll area, with multi-Lane situations, including dynamic and variable messages, toll warning and advice, lane control, etc.

        Traffic Flow Control System

        Pedestrians, bicycles, cars and buses are intertwined on the busy urban roads. Traffic lights at intersections affect driving safety, traffic flow, and capacity. In order to realize an effective traffic solution that not only guarantees safety but also improve traffic flow, an accurate traffic flow control system is required to manage the movement and flow of vehicles throughout the city.

        Traffic Video Surveillance Systems

        As traffic is getting more and more busy every day, there is always a threat of potential accidents or other safety hazards. Video monitoring has become vital to ensure quick detection of any traffic incident.

        Highways Central Control System

        The highway central control system is an important part of the highway traffic electro-mechanical system. Its main function is to use the relevant theories of modern traffic flow observation, guidance and control, and use the latest in computer technology, closed-circuit television monitoring technology, and information multimedia technology. Achievements of scientific and technological development, comprehensive observation of highway traffic operation conditions, vehicle driving conditions and road environmental conditions, and effective guidance and control of the driving routes and driving modes of vehicles along the way.

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